2010-11 Budget

On Oct. 8, 2010, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a 2010-11 state budget that includes approximately $2.91 billion for University of California academic programs, student financial aid and health education and research. Roughly 46 percent of UC’s core operating budget comes from state general funds.

The state’s 2010-11 allocation to UC increased the university’s funding by more than $370 million and recommended nearly $353 million in additional money for building projects to provide more classrooms and meet critically needed seismic safety requirements.

Highlights from UC’s state budget

$305 million to restore funds cut from UC’s 2009-10 budget. Last year lawmakers slashed $637.1 million, or 20 percent of UC’s state general fund dollars. The $305 million in restored funds includes $106 million in one-time federal stimulus funds. The restored funding will be used for instructional programs and students services, like class sections and library hours, that were eliminated or cut back last year.

$51.3 million to fund enrollment. That amount will support 5,121 of the more than 16,000 students for whom UC receives no state support. This is the first new state funding for enrollment growth since 2007.

$14 million for increases in retiree health benefit costs. UC provides medical and dental benefits to approximately 51,000 eligible retirees and their dependents. The university, in its original funding request to the state, had asked for $109.8 million to help fund retiree health and pensions benefits as the state does for other public higher education employees. The university estimated the state’s 2010-11 share of contributions to the UC Retirement Plan at $95.7 million, but the 2010-11 budget provided no funding for UCRP. The Legislature did eliminate the current statutory prohibitions against any new state funds being used for UCRP. The Legislature also adopted budget bill language asking for the Legislative Analyst, the Department of Finance and UC to work together on a proposal to fund UCRP in the future.

$352.7 million for UC building projects. The proposed money would come from bonds and is needed to update lab and classrooms and retrofit buildings to meet modern earthquake safety standards. The funding is projected to create 3,300 private-sector jobs.

Cal Grant funding. The budget makes a  commitment to fund Cal Grants for UC students so that eligible low-income students will receive enough money from the state program to cover already approved 2010-11 fee increases.

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