Student impacts

Student tuition and fee increases

Faced with $1 billion budget gap, UC Regents at their Nov. 18 meeting approved a 2011-12 tuition and fee increase of 8 percent.

Fees for all students will increase by $822, bringing undergraduate tuition and fees to  $11,124 (a systemwide average of $12,150 when individual campus fees are included).

Regents also expanded the UC Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan to cover all systemwide tuition and fees for financial-aid eligible California undergraduates with family incomes up to $80,00. This year the eligibility ceiling is $70,000. In addition, the university will provide financial-aid eligible California resident students with family incomes below $120,000 grants to cover the 2011 increase.

Only 55 percent of UC undergraduates will pay the fee increase

Since 1990, the state’s contribution to educating each UC student decreased by 51 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars.

With the decline in state subsidy, the share students pay has tripled. In 1990, students paid 13 percent of their educational costs. In 2010, they are paying 41 percent. But student fee increases have only partially made up for the decline in state support.

In 2009-10, the state cut UC’s operating budget by 20 percent. The 2010-11 budget restored about half of those cuts. UC’s state funding remains 10 percent below the 2007-08 funding level despite increases in enrollment and operating costs.


UC limits on freshman enrollment

In addition to cutting back on the percentage of the total cost of education per student, the state has stopped funding enrollment growth. That has resulted in UC having more than 14,000 students systemwide for whom it receives no state funding. UC simply could not continue to absorb the cost of enrollment growth and still offer high-quality academic programs. UC Regents agreed to reduce fall 2009 freshman enrollment by 2,300. At the same time, Regents approved increasing the number of California community college transfer students by 500. UC recognizes the need to keep the cost-effective transfer option open during this period of economic downturn.

The Regents are reducing freshman enrollment for fall 2010 by an additional 2,300 and increasing transfer student enrollment by 250.

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